details about our services

Window Cleaning

See the difference Costa Final Cleaning professional commercial and residential window cleaning can make. We remove the residue and dirt from interior and exterior windows, frames, sills and tracks. No matter where the glass is located, we can reach it! 

Floor Cleaning

Whatever your floor needs to get rid of construction debris are, we are capable of getting it done. From  machine scrubbing  to acid cleaning, from waxing and buffing to grout cleaning, we do it all !

Carpet Cleaning


• Pre-Vacuum                 • Spot Clean
• Preconditioning              • Carpet Rinsing - Soft water rinse and extraction                 
• Clean, Sanitize and protect all carpet using special cleaning solutions 

Pressure Cleaning

Parking garages, driveways, walkways, breezeways, curbs and other exterior areas always look superb after a good pressure clean!

Propety Maintenance

Have you ever built and got complaints from neighbors? That's what we are here for! Regular Cleanings on neighboring properties are much less expensive than legal issues. We are here to help!

Model and Trailer Maintenance

It is of extreme importance to have your model unit always clean so potential buyers or tenants have a good feel of what they will get.

As for your trailer, we will keep it clean so your productivity can be boosted and your visitors understand how impeccable you are!